1997 Mercury Cougar Questions

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Where would the problem be getting voltage to the starter? Battery checks out. Starter checks out . where is the interuption to power to the starter?
The four wires on top of ignition coil pulled out of the plug and I can't find the diagram anywhere on the web 3 red one with blue stripe one with green and one with white. The fourth is blue with green stripe.
Cousin and turned the cruise on and it died. And now it won't start and run. What's the problem with it
check engine code 443
Cut the right side cat off and welded a 45 degree exhaust pipe in and now it runs worse , I had two codes for o2 sensors bank 1 , replaced the down stream , up steam was replaced about 3 years ago so didn't do that one , there's a lot of pinging when I first take off but once it hits 3500 rpm it takes off and runs great, when I had the right side exhaust open I started the car the see and here how it sounded , it had Good throdle response just loud , but once the pipe was on it changed
NO computer codes, shift down is ok, runs good has good power. 3.8 6
I was told it was EGR but replaced value , seLenoiD and one other thing that goes to that.But still makes loud noise.If I take mass air senser of and unplug hose going to Idle control valu it will stop can someone help please ?
It makes this noise once every 2 to 3 weeks. Usually when I turn on my heat. The car will start back up. What's causing this? I keep a check on all the fluids.
After I hear this sound and I am making a turn the car turns off, but will start back up. I have been checking the fluids regularly. Need help.
thank you
119000 miles 1oil change no tune up haven't been drove in 6 months
Does anyone know where Somewhere to buy all of the factory body panels, interior pieces,and stock mechanical parts?
It idles fine while it's in park but when you shift into reverse or drive it idles down so much that it almost dies but once you start going it's fine, once in a while it does it if your stopped at a stop sigh but not always, what could cause that?
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