1996 Mercury Cougar Questions

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Transmission slips in3rd gear
Is there any thing I can do to fix it
A cheap way
are disconnected what causes this, car does have kill switch.
Reason replace column lost keys cheaper to replace column
It this most likely a broken cable?
Working prior to going in a store for 30 min . No air flow on heat or ac.
A.c. compressor turns every 3-5 seconds but not continuously. Do you think it should have be recharged before adding the Freon?
Any suggestions on where to start looking would be appreciated.
i am thinking of buying a 96 cougar that needs wiring help brake lights radio lighter trunk pop don't work i know i can fix it just want toknow ifthey are know for this problem
the bolt for the shock or strut that is on the passenger side won't come off. What do I need to do? Please HELP..... Thanks so much
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