1991 Mercury Cougar Questions

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the trainmission is receiving the command but it's allowing the gear to shift Whining noise also
all the fuses,lights,relays and switch have been checked and or replaced. still does not work. but the hazards,headlights,brake lights,running lights,and backup lights work. and hazards flash in the dash but blinkers don't.
My 91 cougar dies while I'm driving between 40-50 miles it has coolant a new starter alternator plugs I had the fuel pump checked it's working I have no lose or disconnected wires that I can find but once the car cools down it will start right up
I just replaced the headlight assemblies, how do I adjust the aim for the headlights?
New t-stat has been installed but same symptoms have come back.
check engine light
Why isn't my mercury keeping a charge? have changed the postive batter cable and checked all lights to make sure notheing is on, What can you suggest to do next
drivers side shoulder seat belt does not retract anymore
my car is the best car i ever owned three years no probs then go to start it battery is dead change the battery tryed to start it wants to turn over kicks like its going to but still doesnt start im not a mcanic any advice
When i try to turn on my car, all i get is one click, i have checked battery cables, solinoid, and tried a new starter and it still just clicks everytime.
i have no idea what it is or how to fix it can u explain it to me
I have an XR7 and the other day my anti-lock and brake warning lights came on on the cluster, the brakes still somewhat work yet they are manual now. I have no electric assist in them. Could this be the ABS brain or the connection or.....? Ijust want to know what i'm looking for before I have to get it diagnosed if I can't figure out what the problem is.
OD slips after 2500 rpm. can the bands be adjusted & how? Thanks
Slightly baffled. How do you adjust the headlight aim?
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