1992 Mercury Capri Questions

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We'll be going down the road and it will quit running. It may or may not start back up, but if you leave it sit for a couple hours it will start. Have had it to the shop twice. Replaced distributor, checked fuel lines, looked at check valves. What else could be wrong.
Have a check engine light but cant find the datat port. Ive read that its on the fire wall in the engine compartment but cant find an OBD 1 plug. Any other way to check for the code and clear it?
There is more than 2 wires
1992 Mercury Capri Automatic Transmission, naturally aspirated, 1.6
when the car is in gear it starts moving but the transmission will not shift
can u bring it forward a little to close gap?
wont start but will turn over and over
I can't keep at idle it just stalls out. It runs smooth at 2000 RPMs and above
Changed Fuel Filter. Car was running fine before changing filter. Checked Relay switch. It is in the correct position. Can hear the pump turn on when I try to crank the car. The car just won't crank.
When the alternator went bad, the belt had to be replaced.
About a week after the belt has been replaced, the car belt
squeels when starting and the battery guage drops to low
then goes back up to high. Then after about a week of
squeeling, the belts breaks. We have replaced the alternator twice and the belt 4 times. Our mechanic
cannot figure out what is wrong. 92,000 miles. First
time belt has been replaced was with the alternator
But it still wont run. What would keep the injectors from working? Ive changed the computer and the external ignishon modgel that dident help. it is getting spark and getting fuel atleast whyle i crank it, I can pore gas in the throtal body and it will run on that gas but then quit. I dont know what else to do! Any sujestions!!
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