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Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG (9 Reviews)
I have only owned my 2003 SL55 AMG
for about a week and these reviews scare me. I hope only those who have problems write these reviews and that many of these SL55s are very reliable and don't have many problems. If any of you reading this have had good luck and not many problems, please comment before I decide to sell mine, I love it so far but these comments scare me, I'm not rich. Drives and handles beautifully and I hate to park it and get out of it.
The most unreliable car I've ever owned. Here is the abbreviated version of my car's failure list since I purchased it with 42K miles about 2 years ago (now about 60K miles): Supercharger pulley bearings broke, idler pulley bearings broke, closure panel for folding hardtop failed (other roof closure trim broke and came off), ABC suspension has failed and required major work twice, shifter has failed and required replacement, transmission fluid leaks from sensor connection,engine temperature sensor failed, washer fluid leaks from fluid level sensor, shroud inside rear wheel well has broken twice(never in an accident), roof lifting button inside trunk (when roof is stowed) has failed and required replacement, various trim pieces have cracked and or rattle regularly. All this and much more in a car with less than 60K miles. INSANELY UNRELIABLE AND THE MANUFACTURER COULDN'T CARE LESS. Stick with japanese vehicles. They seem to take more pride in the quality and reliability of their vehicles.
recently purchased presents itself as an electronic castrophe.most funtions operate correctly some of the time but only when in the mood.currently in shop needing help desperately. james. 11-15-12----2007 SL55 AMG
We loved ours, until it spontaneosly set itself on fire two weeks ago-July 2012. It had not been driven in a week and was parked in a garage when an electrical fire occurred behind the passenger side and smoldered the interior. Luckily, someone happened to be in the garage and noticed it at 2AM and called the fire department. No one was injured and only our car was severely damaged. Still waiting to find out more!
Very strong drivetrain. Issues are with electronics and accessories, particularly Active Body Control. Shame the rest of the car isn't a great as the engine and transmission, but it still is a wonderful beast! It's a completely different car from the standard SL with the non-supercharged engine.
I can't stop smiling. UNMATCHED beauty and performance. Several people have complimented me once, twice then a third time on how beautiful this car is. I agree. Undoubtedly destined to become a classic, this car is as docile as a kitten until called upon to perform. Then it becomes a well controlled beastly powerful driving machine! The transition is pure magic. Son - park your motorbike. You can't beat this car. Side by side with a similarly powered and equipped Corvette there is just no comparison - full power acceleration in the rain thru a curve is completely stable. The Vet - look out - your sideways in an instant. I have the factory warrantee and I WILL perform the scheduled maintenance. If you don't think a special automobile is a privilege to own and care for - don't buy this car - you just don't get it.
2005 SL55 AMG

Extremely quick, comfortable, and enjoyable to drive. If roads are bad where you live I'd stay away from Low Profile 20's on this car, as I've had to have mine repaired twice in 6 months.

it's slippery fast when you really want to go and using the paddle shifters gives you even more control - head turner and worth every dime!
Car is amazing in every way power Handling looks , however its like maintaining a high performance race car which i guess it some what is. Just disappointing thought Mercedes made a more reliable vehicle In a period of 6 months my hydrolic suspension puked all over my driveway and the car dropped to the floor then the motor mounts went and the car felt like it was going to break apart. then the constant ever raging battle with the check engine light. just be prepared to write extremely large checks on a consistent basis.
Great car. MB need to do more R@D on the suspention. Have had to replace the supention flud pump with 90,000 miles on car. 3800.00. And has a gear shift lock out problem that will not let you shift the car out of park, 1200.00. You wold expect a car that cost that much to live up to the MB reputation for relibinlty.