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Mercedes-Benz S55 AMG (9 Reviews)
Awesome car!
I will never by a Mercedes Benz again. This car is a nightmare! It has one problem after the other! Can't wait to get rid of it! The ABC System is horrific! Never again! Moving on!
This has to be the worse car ever made. I have own this car since 2004. I have taken this car in for repairs to the tune of almost $45 k. 35k which was covered by warranty. I was told by the dealership that they hated to see it coming. No one wanted to work on it because they could never seem to fix all the issues. The gear was stuck the first time, the ABC suspension is a constant issue, they fix one thing and then there is something else wrong. The radio went out and was repaired. all the dashboard is currently out. They can't figure out what is continually pulling my battery down. Sometime the starter will not catch and other time it's fine.
I have 2003 S55 65000 miles.
I love the look, power and everrything about this car but I had same issue. ABC light came on and dealer told me the pump was broken. I paid $3300 to repair. Also, I had SRS lamp came up. So total was almost $5000. I am surprised that it is their flagship model but it starts to fall apart after only 64K miles. German cars have great engines but they constantly have electrical issues... Hire some Japanese electrical engineer!
bought this crap almost five years ago with only 29,000 miles on it. a few weeks later the ABC light came on .luckily it had been a recall issue.They claim it was repaired . a few weeks later ABC lights on again and hydraulic fluid leaking everywhere. Took back to dealer and was told now that the struts were shot and leaking at the tune of $3500 dollars. I was lucky enough to find a new one at this great salvage yard for $250.00 with a lifetime warranty.I happen to know a guy that worked on mercedes that installed for $150. Next problem about a month later the hydraulic pump fails. I wasn't so lucky with this it cost me $1800 at the dealership. Next thing was some sensor that connects to the crankshaft at the tune of $500 plus two weeks ago. Then I go out side to go somewhere and what do you know I'm stuck in park. This night mare just want stop. I begged my hubby to get rid of this hunk of German junk years ago.It's a beast in performance when it decides to be the mercedes that I thought purchased. I think I may consider a Lexus next.

excellent vehicle
I bought mine used and i just had it for about 3 months and some things started to happen to the car already. ABC light on took it in they says it was just low on fluid a few weeks later again. Now the whole dashboard panel is out lights and everything. Thinking it could be some type of fuse blown but who knows schedule to go in for check up in the near future
Great Speed Car & good road holding
These cars are a piece of crap, I have problems with mine all the time, especially the abc. Mercedes really sucks for me now. Stay away from mercedes with abc.