Mercedes-Benz S430 4MATIC Reviews and Owner Comments

Mercedes-Benz S430 4MATIC owners review and rate their Mercedes-Benz S430 4MATIC.

Mercedes-Benz S430 4MATIC (4 Reviews)
This car looks great yet has been a nightmare from day 1! wish I never bought it air suspension broke, radiator broke, cup holders are broken passenger vanity mirror broke, passenger mirror broke. This is luxury at its worst!
This is my second benz and it is an all around driving machine. On long or short trips it is super to drive.
Only thing is the dealerships really charge a lot for maintenance.
This is the worst car ever I am actually on my way to the shop. Where can i dump it. Since i bought this junk it has been one problem after another. Please do not buy this car
I have been driving this 2003 S430 for about two years now, and I am very happy with it so far. my cousin leases a brand new C300 he feels bad because my ride is actually smoother than his. Only issue is, lately, I've been hearing this strange noise in the front Driver side suspension. don't know what it is yet but I'll figure it out and I just replace the crankshaft position senor, easy fix any body who can use a wrench can do it and the part is cheap. that seems to be a common problem with this vehicle. Happy MB owner!