Mercedes-Benz R320 BLUETEC Reviews and Owner Comments

Mercedes-Benz R320 BLUETEC owners review and rate their Mercedes-Benz R320 BLUETEC.

Mercedes-Benz R320 BLUETEC (2 Reviews)
I am the owner of canadian version of this car. I totally agree with the previous review. Excellent, heavy, robust, beautifull car. But there's allways something wrong with it. In two years I've paid more than $3000 on repairs only. I've even had a leakage from the steering wheel power unit. One simple gasket = $1700 to be repaired. Unbelieveable. Plus maintenance. This car, drains money out of your pocket. Real shame for Mercedes.
We have owned this car for 3 years now and we have taken it to the shop to be repaired more times than I have taken my Chevy pick up truck and I have owned it for 8 years. The car is nice but there is always something going wrong with it. If I didn't have a extended warranty on this car I would be broke due to the faulty parts that have had to be replaced. Not what I expected from Mercedes