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Mercedes-Benz E350 4MATIC (9 Reviews)
I thought it was fantabulous
I owne the E350 4matic with AMG sports package when driving the car will not shift out of gear not sure what makes this happen, but when I turn the car off let it sit for awhile it starts up and workls like nothing was wrong ...this car is too expense to be so unpredictable.
I bought a Certified Pre Owned E350 from a Benz dealer. Car had 58K miles on it. Received a one year comprehensive warranty through Merdedes Benz. About 10 months into ownership I started hearing what sounded like a tire noise. Took it to dealer, they said one of the tires was "out of round". OK, maybe I hit a pothole. Noise got worse over the next 4-5 weeks. Took it back. Dealer said emergency brake pads inside of rotor drum were falling apart and that was causing noise didn't make any sense since i never use E brake, and there were no lights on. They replaced ebrake pads, road tested car, noise still present. Rear differential is bad. Six to eight weeks to get parts from Germany. Warranty is seven days from expiring. Told me its covered under warranty, and I have new C Class loaner car, which I can't complain about. Not exactly my E Class, but at least I have something to drive. No very happy that this major repair occurred at only 74K miles Previous Benz 2005 C Class, 178K miles no issues. Had also a E class 1994 no issues, 98 S Class no issues, 180K miles.
Had rear noise evaluated - turns out it's my differential. Car has 63,000 miles on it so to be hit with $3,000 repair is just unbelievable. Dealer tells me it's going to take a while to get the part since they already have one in the shop waiting for 2 MONTHS. I could drive it but it can ruin the transmission so there it sits, been 1 month now. Very disappointed. They can't give me any information on when I will get my car back. They tell me this is a known problem with this model so why I have to pay for the repair is beyond me. I will never own another 4matic.
I have a 2007 e 350 and my transmission act up sometimes when its shifting up or shifting down, one day my car would not change out of first for about a half mile i pulled over shut it off start it up again got back on the road and the transmission started working shifting like nothing ever happen.I think this problem should be a recall but the dealer its not.
,I stopped to get coffee and when I back in it and turned the ignition it would not start. It had plents of juice and wanted to turn over but would not catch
took my car downtown Dallas last weekend and everything was fine,I stopped to get lunch and when I back in it and turned the ignition it would not start. It had plents of juice and wanted to turn over but would not catch. I waited for over 3 hours trying on and off before having it towed to my hotel in irving,where it sat for 1 week. everyday I would go out and try to turn it over and thismorning it started !!!! I drove it around the hotel but im afraid to take it out.. Any ideas on what it could be ?
Love my car. Bought it last year at the certified pre-owned dealer in Arlington, VA. My biggest issue is the fact that this car was supposedly "certified" at 70 percent or better in a number of maintenance categories, yet I have had to bring it to the dealer three or four times already. The latest issue is the brakes. They claim I need front and rear brakes already. Car has 67,000 miles on it. I put 14,000 on it in one year. Regardless, how could this vehicle be "certified" for brakes at 70 % last year and now they are down to nothing? I do only highway driving on weekends, and a mile back and forth to work each day. No stop and go driving. I do not trust this so called "certified pre-owned" BS. And the dealership is not willing to work with me considering the number of issues I have dealt with over the year (mostly minor, but still). And even despite all this, I love my car. I just won't let the dealership do the brake repairs. They want $1,650.
Great Car