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Mercedes-Benz E320 4MATIC (10 Reviews)
I love it. It is a beautiful car and I feel very safe in it.
My pre-owned E320 is beautiful but with only 76k mi I have had major repair in '11 and 2 more to come i.e valve cover gasket replacement and what sounds like a brake boot so I've been told. I've had it for 5yrs, a light driver and keep on top of my maintenance but these problems are huge and getting costly and they say it's not even broken in! Bah! I feel these issues are too early in the life of this vehicle. My recommendation, buy new.
why is the ride so rough
super car 120k
I owned a e300 before my e320 and I would not own anything else if I can afford it. It has the best ride, offers great dependability and safety as well as perforance of any car I have ever owned. I want to keep it as long as possible.....see no reason to change or upgrade. If I should need another car, I would buy a Mercedes value for your money by far. I hope that has not changed in the new models...that does worry me.
I've owned my 2002 E320 4Matic wagon for almost two years now. I bought it with 116k, it now has just turned over to 150k. The ONLY issue I've had with this car is oil consumption. I've read dreadful stories about the issue Mercedes had with that engine consuming excessive oil. Besides that, I love it and will not part with it. Like I've read before, the car is great, nothing like having the confidence in heavy rain. (Must have good tires)!! I expected the mileage to be horrible, I can get 26.7 mpg cruising 80 loaded with a/c going. Quite impressive.
I own and drive a 2000 MB E320 4Matic. It has 116,000 miles on it, and is one of the most enjoyable cars I have owned; and driven. The vehicle ways 5 tons and has a smooth quiet ride. For an 11 year old car it accelerates very well. I recently took it on the open highway and achieved speeds of 100 to 110 miles per hour with no drag or hesitation. I recently had a cat converters, and resonator replaced on my vehicle.
I love this car despite being a little afraid of it. It has been very dependable but now that I approaching 200k things are beginning to happen i.e. camshaft pos sensor, oil leaks, key tumblers wearing out, sunroof inexplicably slowing down and displaying weird directional behaviors, seat adjustments starting to do the same.

Aside from that, I have never driven a more enjoyable car. considering the value of it, and what it would cost to replace it (cheap) i will drive it till it dies and buy another low mileage 4matic and do the same thing...
My 4Matic wagon is a great car with almost 200K miles on it. While I have had some minor repair work on the car and the repairs are very expensive, I knew that going into buying a Mercedes and an old car. I am surprised by how many negative things I have seen about these cars and yet my experience has so far been very good.
Especially love the 4Matic: during heavy rains on the interstate, the car feels like it is on rails--a very nice change from my old Volvo 740 Turbo.
Bought this vehicle 6 months ago, with a rebuilt title. I've owned many vehicles, purchased 3 of them new, but this used E320 is my favorite. Love the ride, quietness, safety, AWD, and economy.