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my husband thought he could replace the transmission fluid and drained it out how does he replace it
The above codes came on when it was misfiring (which i explained to them is random).I took it to the shop, and they found other codes (I'm is a 2006). After looking at their codes, they found the bumble flap to be loose. They repaired these..and i was hoping it fixed my problem. They felt it would possible fix the problem. They did switch the coil to another circuit without a misfire or new code..which is no surprise since the misfire is random. Am I being unreasonable in my frustration that I paid out 1,400 to have the tumble flap replaced, (because it was loose) and still having to take it back, and now paying for a stupid coil replacement?! (He showed them the misfire codes, and explained this was when the engine was running)
Replace seal on front end - between transmission and motor due to oil leak
so the sat nav screen in my car has gone white with horizontal rows of black it still plays the music but if you mess with the volume it will shut off and turn on and off then on and off with no music!i heard it may be the ground wire any helps i want to diagnose and fix it if possible! thank you!
I want to make sure my little dog won't hit the dashboard
The trunk is ajar and wil neither open or cose completely after I used the key fob trunk release button. The top is not closed and makes wind noise as a result . also the rear windows are open. Thanks Dan
i see few drops of water when it light rain at the end of the day or in the morning i see few drops of water coming from the windows and the cealing is this normal for a hardtop that what they said in the dealer
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