2003 Mercedes-Benz SLK32 AMG Questions

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The lights remained on despite the headlight switch being set to Off. Also, the security system started sounding at random intervals. I pulled three fuses to turn off the lights. The security system still sounds at random times. What would cause the lights to stay on with the engine off?
Dead battery for a couple weeks. Replaced by triple A. Radio will not turn on.
This is a very unusual problem and really don't know the cause:

There are a few occassions when I experience random moderate to excessive car body shakes (has to be caused by the engine) when I'm either at a stop sign or on the driveway with the car on idle. I'm not sure if this also happens when driving at freeway speeds (60-70 mph) but I certainly don't notice it or even at slow street speeds (20-30 mph). The car has only a little over 15k miles in it.
How do you change the spark plugs in slk 32 amg
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