2003 Mercedes-Benz SLK320 Questions

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I have the new switch and don't know how to remove the console or switch panel to replace it without damaging the console . The red cover broke on the switch .
All of a sudden the engine would not start.
1. Turns over maybe 1 second then stops.
2. I retry to start, same thing turns over maybe 1 second and stops.
3. On the 3rd restart this time does not turn over at all.
4. Disconnect the battery & retry all 3 steps and the same results.

The battery is good.

Did not give a sign of any issues till last night.

Has 130K miles.

Thank You!!!
Glen (
It will not go down. Is it possible there is a fuse for this operation?
Wiring in a chip that promises more power. Its is to be put in line with what color wire? It's wired in line with
a wire to the ecu unit.
Crankshaft position sensor was replaced about 5 months ago. The engine just stopped for no reason. Car started again after waiting for over 3 hours. This episode happened twice. Now, the engine will not even turn.
when engine heats up, shut down.restart everything ok.If you start off to quickly the gear you select says in ,can not change.Shut down and turn off is required.Paddle shifter doesn't change.
Removed wheel nuts, cannot remove wheel seems stuck or must something special be performed. Planning to do brake job on all 4 wheels. Obtained vehicle about 2 years ago, used, first time removing wheels. Thanks
every time I enter my key in the ignition it will not turn I need a new steering lock Where can I purchase one for Right Hand Drive vehicle.I am in Australia.
I'm sure a switch/lock change is required .. new switch/lock required new keys or reset new tumblers to match existing keys?
Are new keys available to mount in the original keyless entry unit?
keyless entry & Keys are a unit.
The key goes in o/k very difficult to turn. wiggling wheel will eventually work but getting worse. then with engine running then the transmission, S/W in S .. pull to drive and it stays in 1st gear as you drive. Need a "How to" to replace ignition switch... are the chances good that this will cure the tranny problem?
Brake lights are lit whenever the ignition switch is on - and cruse control has stopped working.
Passenger window will not go up either from roof switch or window switch. putting direct power to window regulator motor in door operates window up and down by reversing positive wire to post on motor. replaced window switch but did not correct problem any ideas?
Has anyone had a slow leak or moisture in the trunk area? The rubber seal on the bottom of trunk where the trunk closes is holding water. I have 56k on the car. I can squirt water out of the rubber. Do you know how to replace the seal?
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