2002 Mercedes-Benz SLK320 Questions

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Seems to get louder when accelerating
Took in for service on May 17 2017 and dealer is saying I need to replace transmission mount not knowing I did in 10/2012. My car is in excellent condition.
When I let up on gas pedal & go to push it back down its has about a 2 second hesitation then very slow & smoothly increases acceleration until I let up on gas. Seem to always start up & take off ok after being turned off, but then within a couple/few minutes starts acting up again. What would cause that?
I need to add fluid
other things like wipers slowing from 111 speed to 11 speed at stop and 3 blink signal function doesn't work either. Nor does the interior light (on with door open) and (slow fade off when door shuts) work. if you move sw. to auto, it just stays on "all the time".
The electrical issues range from dash lights to keyless entry. Now it stalls occasionally while driving and won't start back up for a while. I have replaced the k40 relay and the crank shaft sensor. Neither have worked.
thought it was on dryer but when loosened freon started coming out
Suddenly my convertible hard top will not close. I seem to be running down the power of the motor trying. Looking online seems a suggestion to check the fluid (probably needs refilling?) would be in order. How do I troubleshoot this problem?
Completely disassembled motor/cage assembly. The motor is definitely bad! Signs of arcing/burns,etc. Motor needs to be replaced but want to make sure resistor didn't cause the problem.
Thanks for any help you can provide>
I removed two screws which holds fan motor in place but can't see how cage, fan motor is mounted in, is removed?
A/C quit working but have no fan for A/C or Heat.
Suspect Fan problem? Can you provide instructions for removal and replacement?
mecedes oem changer. when I hit CD button, screen reads
NO CD CHANGER........ took cd cartridge out and placed back in 4x.Still reads no cd changer.Any idea what to do for a FIX?
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