2001 Mercedes-Benz SLK320 Questions

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Everything works on the car but when I turn the key to start it, it will do nothing at all. It has done this before and I would take the battery cables off for a few minutes and then it would start just fine. Now it won't do anything. Can anyone give me advice?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Nothing
How long have you had this problem? A few weeks
When switching car off after driving a long distance and temp gauge is higher than 80 degrees car won't start until temperature is below 80 degrees. What can cause it? Engine turns but won't start when temp is above 80 degrees
removed/replaced the battery post and the car crank once and died immediately. Can I just purchase/replace the DAS and immobilizer ring myself or this is a dealer only service - How much am I looking to spend for correction?
The Mercedes Dealer said the noise was from the differential, but when I replace the two (2) rear tires the noise goes away for at least 10,000 miles and then returns. The Dealer checked alignment and said it was ok. More recently, the Dealer indicated that the suspension joints were worn and need replacement. Could it be these "worn" joints causing rear tire misalignment during driving conditions? The rear tires are wider than the front tires.
so when I put in 1st gr and man shift it works if I let off acc back to no acc thanks Ted
El coche no enciende, que puedo hacer para corregir este error, estuve de viaje por dos meses y no se utilizo este coche
When accelerating slowly from stop.

Similar problem happened last week. Took car to dealer and they checked for causes of these warning lights (went off While awaiting service check). They kept it overnite and went thru several tests next day and claimed car was OK. But problem reappeared 5 days later. WHATS UP!
I purchased the unit used with no directions.
Excelleration dies
car running brake on no movement of transmission selector.
what to do to stop the water from coming inside the car.
Dose the drive shaft have to be removed, I just bought the car and do not have the manuals .
After car has been run for a couple of hours the following happens: come to a stop, press on the gas and nothing happens. No rpm increase, nothing. Then all of a sudden it will take off.
I hear a shrill sound coming from inside the dash. It occurs intemittently. I can not pinpoint a certain time such as when I brake or if the car has been runing for a certain length of time. It is ear piercing. Seems to be some kind of electrical malfunction.
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