2007 Mercedes-Benz SLK280 Questions

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The lock button on my mercedes slk 2007 keeps flashing,so my convertible top won't go down and my side mirrors will not adjust. How do I unlock it?
Mercedes disabled it and says I need to buy a new one for $6000!!!!!!!!
and the speed ometer and turn signals stop working. Lights are strong, car starts right away.
the transmission was in comfort setting I tried to shift it manually but couldn't after stopping and turning off and restarting car it worked fine what can it be
When I retract the hard top down all the windows work but the driver side back window does not retract.
warrantee states up to 7 years for certain emission related items
I have an OBD receiver available
what would cause a big puff of blue smoke when starting the engine after sitting over night, it only happened once.!!
how do I replace the 2 engine air filters?
How do you replace the front passenger side fender lamp?
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