2004 Mercedes-Benz SLK230 Questions

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My Mechanic is suggesting that it may be the malfunction of a 'Relay". This is the first time this occurred. I drove the vehicle the evening before the morning when it did not start.
I took my car in to one of the companies I found on RepairPal for: 1) Front left wheel bearing replacement (2) power steering hose replace. Its 10 yrs old 171,000 miles. They recommended their over all exam of car $88. I agreed. No problem. However, I am confused with the billing.

They are charging: $541 for Tie Rod Assembly
$264 for new Hub(it houses the assembly?
$428 Wheel bearing replacement
(includes $158 4 wheel alignment)

$422 Power Steering Hose Replacement

$1540 is the total?

Please explain: If they are replacing the entire "HUB" why all the separate billing?

I asked for an estimate showing Parts then separate Labor but they give separate sheets

This is what they showed: Wheel Bearings $330.
HUB $264
4 wheel alignment $158
Assessment $ 88
3 Hose replacement $
Incidently, he said the hoses cost $70 $78(labor)

It feels as tho there is an extra $300-$400 extra charge in here somehere. Pleasse help me understand.
We have rules out the starter and solenoid, it has to be between the key switch and the main relay box ?
How do I access the rear antenna to check to see if it is attached? I am getting no reception on my radio. I disconnected/reconnected the battery--this did not solve the situation. When I push the "WB" button--I have nothing. I am assuming the cable has become dislodged. Is this a possibility?
i was recently in an accident and my car has a lot of body damage but little to no frame damage, i cant afford another car like this and decided to repair it myself,
I want to change the air filter of A / C cabin and not donte is located or how to do it
During night, alarm system went off. Pushed unlock and lock on remote, it stopped...then started again. This went on for two to three times, started car and went for a ride. Locked car and went into house, it started again. Pushed unlock and lock on remote again, it stopped for the night. Let's see if it starts again tonight.
Right before my warrenty expired I noticed the clutch would stick to the floor as I was driving and I would have to pop it out with my foot. This only happesns on occasion. It can be scary. So I took it to the dealer and they said there was nothing wrong and 2 weeks later it happened again. I have taken the car to the dealer 3 times since and it never happens when they check it out. Is it the hydraulic fluid, is it the spring for the clutch I have know idea, but now my warrenty is expired and they wont even look at it without charging me $150 dollars. It sucks and it could be dangerous if my clutch gets stuck at the wrong time. Any ideas???
I have a slk230 2004, and my trunk door does not click close. what should i do?
is it possible that i pressed something which keeps the door from closing.
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