2001 Mercedes-Benz SLK230 Questions

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Battery is brand new (2days old) 13.2v. With engine running 14+ volts. Brand new battery, K40 relay module,
& starter relay. Without charger, all dash light come on (clicking & buzzing under hood) but no sound when trying to start ( no dimming of lights). Connect battery charger, put in charging mode, within 15 sec. hear a click under hood (passer. Side) car will start and run fine. Disconnect charger, turn engine off, then restart immediately, car will start. Turn engine off 2nd time, then try restart ( without charger) car will not start. It is a 2001 Mercedes Benz SLK230 Kompressor .
automatic roof light blinks and beeps wing windows won't go up after manually putting roof up. roof stopped working when I dropped a bag of potting soil into the trunk. It may have hit a latch or sensor
I close the luggage cover (meaning it is pulled out and latched), the hand brake is pulled on, the rear windows go down and I can hear the motor trying to open the top, but it seems like something is locking it in the closed position. The light does not blink indicating there is a malfunction. The trunk hydraulics do not keep the truck lid up, I have to use a stick to keep it opened. Does this have anything to do with the problem?
The car will brake and pull to the side quickly, the warning light will flash and the ESP/BAS light will stay on until I turn the car off. It happens very quickly, but scares me when it happens. It will occurs in all weather conditions.
Constantly and without cause
not cut off --so I ordered a new control and replaced the old one but the fan still will not cut off. Any ideas? 2001n Mer. SLK 230...
how to remove and replace shift console. Can move lever, but car only drives in 1st when in drive. Also, I don't have ability to push lever to right or left to down/upshift. dash says D only. Thank you.
Tried Lower top but inside cover is open therefore will not activate
Power comes on lights light up all electrical comes on but starter will not engage
Can a locksmith do this repair on my SLK 230?
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