2000 Mercedes-Benz SLK230 Questions

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I just replaced the car battery and now the fuel gauge does not work. It spins around to hit the water temp gauge and then collapses to the bottom. I checked all the fuses under the hood but all are ok.
find the car move funny , it drive put its moves very uncomfortable it you know what i mean
Fault in communication with the vehicle ECU
i need now how i need to pay for labor
SLK 230 K Car been sitting for years has 6100 mi, when I hook up battery lots
of thing start running in engine compartment without the motor running, After
new battery car started and drove it, the battery was drained in a day know
won't turn over also the key won't come out of ignition, not sure if the ignition
swicth it self or others problems
What makes the high beam not to work?
issues. soon noticed low coolant light. no overheating though. checked oil and it was clean. drove another 80 miles and oil got dirty (but not milky). changed oil and filter and drove 10 miles and checked oil and noticed coolant innermix. (got real thin). engine will start and sounds great but shut it down right after and won't drive it till I find out what the problem is. I used a victor ruiz head gasket and had the head cleaned and checked for level. I suspect timing cover gasket but could be something else. had diagnostic done with no issues.
the lights are flashing the horns blowing. the light has been on for a year for towing / alarm cant get it to turn off the alarm. help
Some cold air then just ambient air
I have been told it's just a faulty scener switch?
It has been like this for about a year. Every once in a while it will work normally for a few days, but mostly not. The odometer works fine. Banging on the dash didn't seem to help. Thanks.
replace/repair of super charger clutch
my security light or tow light is on solid is that normal ?
this is the second time this has happend
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