1999 Mercedes-Benz SLK230 Questions

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car start but ildle rough and cut off
I have read that E15 ethanol based gasoline has an octane rating of 89 or better; does that
mean I can substitute it for premium
Does not happen all the time, when I first use the car in the morning it lags, after warming up it works fine, I can drive to the shop and throttle lags, once I return to the car it works fine
I only bought this car Mercedes about six months ago and it drove great than all of a sudden it died also it’s a convertible but the top won’t comedown and the cigarettes lighter does not work and I can’t get the truck open

What seems to make the problem better or worse? All the time
How long have you had this problem? Few week
Recently bought and ran great when I purchased it but suddenly it doesn't accelerate properly when stopped. On highway at high speeds if I hit a bump u can feel a noticeable pickup in speed and power or vice versa I have no clue what to do
Started car in garage. Shut off. Tried to start 6hrs later. Car turns over, acts like its gonna start then falls flat on It's face. Shows "start fail" for maint code on dash.
Took it to a shop and they stated it was the computer under the hood, they said it got wet, which seem impossible they way it is sealed
My voltage meter reads 12 volts after recharging and I get nothing, no dash lights, head lights, nothing. Everything is dead. What should I try next?
repaced fuses, O2 sensor. Check engine light still on. what I should check next
top was down and I opened trunk and then it would not lock closed ,after sitting a few hours every thing worked fine ?Never did that before .no codes I could trip the lock with a screw driver but would not lock when closed
Che ked connections and have power to player in trunck.
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