1998 Mercedes-Benz SLK230 Questions

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Problem just started and check engine light blinking, won't go over 10 rpm.

This is a 1 owner , immaculate roadster...which wont be driven hard by me...only once in awhile. Is that just too many miles on a 4 Cyl engine to risk it? Thank you so much!

Car tact, speedometer, temp, fuel, when car cooled off, they work, when ran briefly and restarted they stop working?

soaks floor board on that side of the car when I run it thru a car wash

It will continue to flash until I put the roof up, which resets everything. It will also continue to beep periodically every may 10-15 minutes for maybe 15 secs again until the roof is raised and the system is reset. It is very annoying. I think it may have something to do with the sensors perhaps but I am not sure and need advice on a fix so I can go back to enjoying driving the car with the top down. Please help!

The material seems tone shrinking somehow. It is still attached at the sides and ends but is unglued in the middle and hangs down but the material seems tight.
It's odd. Most of the time when the liner comes loose on a car it just sags down on your head.

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Iv have 2 fuel pumps put in, MAS flow replaced, fuel filters and 02 sensors replaced as well. I have no idea what to do next. Its going to the shop in a few days

s/c clutch wont engage at all ive hardwired it and it runs ok no bad noises, i have replaced a mofset in the ECU buk101 50dl but nothings happened i have swapped the maf still nothing

Can I now replace them with a slightly narrower tire but keep the same rims? Also I've been told one rim is slightly "bent"; can it be "unbent" at low cost? Thanx!!!