1998 Mercedes-Benz SL600 Questions

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The top had been functioning normally. It stopped closing midcycle, and I can't get it to latch closed normally. The button that controls the top is lit up red, but blinks.... Hydraulic noise is present when I push the button. Any suggestions for getting it to work are much appreciated.

More detail: tonneau is down, windows are down, the top is latched on one side in front, and on neither side in the back.
oil pump support in the way .
might there be a seal that has leaked
when i read my COBII i see the the output ov S1B1 is alweyes 0v is the sensor broken?
Also what is the best fluid to use?
Thank you,
I don't drive my car much. It has 13,000 miles. When I tried to start it this Spring, the battery was dead and needed to be jumped. When it started, it ran rough and the engine is not responding to the gas pedal. It just idles rough at the same speed.
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