2004 Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG Questions

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well. after replacement the tubular strut assembly went into the semi closed position and i cannon get the trunk to close or the roof to open any help appreciated.
My car sit for a couple weeks during cold weather and left the drive way and noticed like it was slipping going backwards and then the same forwards. Went about a mile and turned around due to lack of confidence. Could it be flex disc or is this a transmission problem? Has never exhibited any issues but I was told the flex disc would need replacing soon. Any ideas? (champagne taste, beer budget)
We just bought this car and I don't know if this is normal or is it due to shifting set for transmission?
Valencia Mercedes said it was the fan motor they removed and replaced and the problemis still there .They seen confused on how to fix it
When I put the car in gear it said trunk open tried everything it openes normal and shuts normal but doesn't quite completely shut help
will be playing I will hear static and then cuts out, have to turn off the stereo and turn back on for sound
When I put the car in reverse I hear a short high pitch sqweeling sound in the front passenger side of the car. What is that and how much to fix? OR is it nothing???
I am wanting to buy this car but it has three engine codes in it. No dealer near me that I can take it to. Could you please tell me what these codes are c2258, c152E, c249E ? thank you so much
I would like to get the service specifications of this car
Is there a battery in the key I can replace to get the buttons to work?
I have to yank on the shifter alot of times to get it out of park. Why is this happening?
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