2003 Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG Questions

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I was under the impression there are 3 motor mounts or are there 4 ?

If rear mounts need to be replaced whats the labor hours required to do job ?
normal? I just noticed it, we drove it about 3 days ago it was fine,
Newly purchased only 35K miles.
Replaced starting battery with new one.
Starter clicks and engages, can see engine move 1/4 inch or so then nothing. Can turn engine with socket.
What should I try next.
Thanks in advance.
This caused the whole front end of the car, especially the driver side to collapse to approx 3" off the deck. What would be the approximate cost be to replace this pump?
Car cooled off then started again was able to get it home before it shut down again
cranks over but no start when its up to operating temp.starts perfect when cold.
What should it cost to replace the supercharge and other fan belt?
Oil leaking right side
I pressed the button and it doesn't open. The one on the other side doesn't open either. Is there some kind of lock that I'm missing.?
does any body have a belt diagram for a 2003 sl55 thank you ac ps crank ac alt so on
battery in trunk will not hold charge I have installed new battery
is it normal for the trunk latch to never lock? it closes but you can manually open it with your hand and it has a tendency not to stay open. you have to be very fast or you can get brained.
how do i get the cd's out of the changer. how do i get the changer out of its slot?
Thus the fuel pump keep working contimuosly while the engine is running even on slow running. My Email is
the top will only lift part way up trunk opens but top stay in trunk
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