2006 Mercedes-Benz SL500 Questions

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I'm wondering if the airbags on the rear suspension could be worn out. Car has only 31,000 miles
Service is up to date.
how could that happen
I want to replace the valve cover gasket
what to pull the cover off
A/c not working it isn't doing nothing
of starting the car. Where do I start????
of starting the car. Where do I start????
I looked up the part cost (about $20) but the shop quoted me $855.00. These seems over the top to me.

Thanks in advance.
But when I start and put in gear, it levels itself. I head someone indicating that it is due to dirty hydraulic fluid in ABC system and suggesting to extract it from the top and replace it, but I do not think you can suck out all the oil!
steering now working either
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