2005 Mercedes-Benz SL500 Questions

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Top won't work, stereo wont work. Any idea what the problem could be or how much to get fixed?
ABC red light is on all the time and I can't select any other function on the steering wheel thumb switch. Car is level with no other apparent suspension issues. I see no leaks and the hydraulic reservoir is full. Can I still drive the car until the problem is fixed?
Checked voltage on borh bateries getting 12.59 to 13+
ABC system is in red on dash. Stop car too low. Car has dropped to low on the drivers side rear. 2 quotes I've gotten are extremely high. I need to find the cheapest possible fix.
The battery is dead. Trunk will not open and the keys are locked in the trunk.
transmission wont shift
Only when it sits in the sun all day. If it is shaded or in my garage it doesn't do it. I start out in drive and within seconds it starts shifting to 5, 3, 1 4.
Just had my brakes done due to a recall. Today I heard an explosion in the front passenger side with smoke and oil leak. Then ABC workshop light came on.
Two months ago slow leak of fluid began to drip on the passenger side above the passenger window.
I had the roof open when it started raining.I immediately pull to the curb to close the roof with in a few minutes.4 days later when i turned on the ac nothing came on.I took it to the shop and they said they ouldn't reprogram the unit. I was told that there was water damage done to the panel.
the other instrument functions were available. I also noticed a knocking noise coming from under the engine, it sounds almost like a woodpecker
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