2001 Mercedes-Benz SL500 Questions

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I raised my soft top and the front locked in place! I had replaced the front cylinders! After the front locks in place, the rear window will not go down! It keeps popping up and down! Any ideas?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Nothing helps
How long have you had this problem? Past few days
The car seems to be in good condition. The current owner has had the car for the last 9 years and said he hasn't had any problems with it so far.

What kind of problems are common with this car and what kind of things can I look forward to? The car has 88k miles on it.

Would you recommend me buying this car. I'm getting it for $7900.


Andre Landmann
This arm is located on the p-side. I put arm back in original position, but now both the ABS and BAS/ESP lights are on. How do I fix this?
I can get them turn back on if I'm lucky wiggling the switch, inwhich is actually not loose. I do have a side rear taillight out it's a reach but with that cause it to do anything like that, seems to me to be a loose wire I don't know?
but after waiting ten minutes it will start, you can here the starter trying it just wont turn over any sugesstions?
my mechanic told me that year has a internal system that even with the key the car will not start if it thinks its being stolen?
need a new ket to start the car
I can't get my trunk open by key or button HELP PLEASE
The AC temp started getting warmer as the outside temp reached 80. Blows cool air if outside temp is under 80. How do I add freon and what type is used?
How hard is it to change the hydrolic cyclinders that put the convertable top up and down and where can I get instructions
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