1999 Mercedes-Benz SL500 Questions

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The car runs normal and suddenly stops on the freeway. AC was on and the radio was on at the time of stop. All the light on the dashboard was on. I can not start the car any more. After about 40 minutes later I can start the car again but after drive about 1 minute it totally stopped again. It won't start. I found out once I turn on the car radio the car shuts off and will not start any more. Any suggestions? Thank you!
It wasn't long ago that I opened it with no problem. My license and registration and owners manual is in it.
Fuses good, change green fan relay,can temp sensor cause this, car stays between 80c and 90c so far without the fans
Moms car there a torque sequence for the water pump we would be greatful for the help
Water pump replacement
The Crank Position Sensor, plugs, wires, filters (you name it) have been replaced. The car has 5,900 miles on it (sat in a lady's barn for 17 years). My mechanic keeps getting a 1681 (?) crash code. The SRS has been disconnected to see if that's the problem. It isn't. Still stalls, but then it starts right up.
Just started to idle rough and then stalled the other day. I'm going crazy. Please give me some ideas to pass along to my frustrated mechanic.
I need to replace the broken electric defrosting mirror on the left side.
Unless I pull it toward me it won't move the seat back & forth.
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