1998 Mercedes-Benz SL500 Questions

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No details, just want to know if a 1996-1988 SL500 comes with navigation? I have seen only one picture of that little compartment in the center of the dash open. I am looking to buy one but i want navigation. Thanks
Cannot remember how to open key fob
replace mass air flow sensor 1998sl/500
damage, I am able to pull the shell about an inch away from the mounting bracket on the leading edge of the door, just aft of the A pillar. It looks like it should re-attach and secure the shell to the mount by exerting pressure so the hinge mechanism grabs the inside mounting bracket plate, but no luck there.
sideview mirror has come loose.
Not detached, but appears the retaining hinge-bar has come loose from the hinge-plate.
Any easy fix,???
Thanks, Geoff
Switches working erratically,and windows do not go up and seal after door is closed. Convertible top switch light is on constant red.
The Pump runs continues to run until I unplug it
The car does not seem to respond to my key fab or manually to the master key. The batteries in the key fab needed to be replaced for a while so I just used the key manually. Last night the car would not start and got stranded in a parking lot. The car acts like it is electronically locked out since it fires just fine. It only has 75k on it and it has been serviced and runs like a new car.

This morning I went and replaced the fab batteries. After trying several times the car respond to the fab and locked;/unlocked doors and the car started right up.

I drove home then the same problem started.....the lights blink on the car so I know it recognized the IR but the doors will not lock or unlock.

I tried synchronizing. No change.

Noise has become more audible and constant..not so much over bumps or braking
Top goes down slowly and needs manual help occaisonally when putting it up
We have taken it to 3 different mercedes mechanics and none of them have figured out why it is making the noise. If we open the hood it does not sound like it is coming from that area, but it is still inside the car. It seems to only happen after the car warms up.
It will go up but won't lock so the back won't go close
It goes back down and the back closes. Any ideas how to fix this problem?
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