1997 Mercedes-Benz SL500 Questions

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think maybe knocked off disengaging engaging rods.any way to get into trunk?
Car ran good after replacing the trasmision for awile fluid could be a little low but now car will not start at all please help
This is for a 97 sl500.
I have a 1997 SL500 with 57000 miles on it and it was working great one day when I had the top open as soon as pressed the red botton to close the top the engine turn off and I couldn't start the car any more, I had it towed away to a mechanic when the car got there the engine started but the top never closed, mechanic said car needs a soft top panel control which cost ove $1000, I can not trust the mechanic word, is that possible?
The one that goes through the driverside fender?
but will unlock manually--- then the top works fine to close-- on closing the top will lock in place hydraulically --the cylinders have been replaced and there are no hydraulic leaks
bose was not working and now is long gone. When code is cleared it comes back instantly and will not allow the car to run. What can i do to allow ecu to allow star up and run. need help any suggestions would be much appreciated.
cam position sensor,no change.Has good spark but fuel is not continuous.Spray fuel from a bottle into the throttle body it keeps running (i know unsafe).Three days before the problem i replaced stock stereo with an after market.Stereo still works fine but car wont stay running.Also put fresh batteries in the fob again no change. any suggestions would be much appreciated
thanks much
usualy when i drive in town the noise get laughter but in highway the noise stop.
mercedes benz 1997 sl500 i change angin timeing
Car manual says that car came with two (2) cards with code from Bose. Long since gone, I am not first owner. I don't use this car often enough so I keep a battery maintianer on the battery, but had long power outages. Would not like to pay MB hundreds for this code.

there is two hyd. valves above windshield, one is leaking, bought replacement, but having problem installing. chrome shaft needs to be removed and installed on new valve?
I can't turn on the air conditioning it has the compressor power killed at the pressure switch
I bought the car and the battery is dead in the trunk. I can't open the trunk, It's electric. The dealer said I should be able to jump it under the hood. It's supposed to be on the drivers side...just flip up the plastic and hook the positive...I can't find it.
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