1996 Mercedes-Benz SL500 Questions

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I have a 1996 Mercedes SL500 R129 convertible and the fuel light on the gauge stays on showing empty when there is plenty of fuel in the tank, about 5 months ago we installed a new genuine and correct fuel sender unit and the gauge worked correctly till now, have checked all the fuses and no problem there, the black lead to the top of sender unit has no power going to it and this was checked with the ignition turned on, how do i fix the dashboard fuel gague to have the lights go out and give the correct reading again ?
The hydraulics need to be rebuilt
So want to put roof down maually
The right rear latch does not completely release for removal with the 10 mm tool
Appears that the top is stuck to the windshield. The windows go down and the back releases and then it just stops.
How long have you had this problem? About a month.
It will not complete or reset. it has been driven over 600 miles through several trips. Even had the battery disconnected and reconnected and cycled through ???
I have check engine Ligth Idiognotic I get code 410 it's air pump the old code
at the same time the window quit dropping that 1/4" till the door is shut. Anybody have a clue what to look for?
Had Freon added.
How to reset parking brake?
This problem happens eveytime. No problem during acceleration.

On my CarMd tool in said it may be a camshaft timing sensor.
The altenator warning light goes on and off. I replaced the altenator two times,and still have the same problem.
Both altenators checked out to be good.
Do you think the wire harness would cause this?
I am replacing my cross over oiler tubes that feed the valve lifters. In doing so, I need to remove all the cam caps and then re-torque the bolts. I need the torque specs for the bolts and of course the valve cover too.
my soft top doesn't work properly and when I open the doors my windows go all the way down instead of just a little.
my battery was replaced now my soft top dont work.can i reprogram this myself.or what ever has to be done
I had the battery and altnater replaced drove for a week . Went to get a smog test and the computer will not reset . I have been back every other day for a week. how do I have to drive to reset the computer
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