1997 Mercedes-Benz SL320 Questions

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I turned on the car and the battery light came on. As I drove down the street, the car would not shift. After 10 of the car being on, the light went off & then the car drove fine. Confusing...
I replaced the batteries in the key farb (or whatever it is called). Occassionally when I press the button the lights go on Red or Green on the door. However it is not consistent. Is there anyone that has a solution that I can try. It is not the end of the world but I would like to use the security system in the car. Thank you for any suggestions.
I just purchased this low mileage(~49,000 miles)SL320 and noticed that the top control button was on and the soft top, roll bar, radio did not work. The dealer told me they would look into it and what they found was some "codes that had to be reset"; this seemed to take care of the problems. The car sat in my garage for two days and when I tried to start it everything was dead. Figuring it was a dead battery, I jumped it, started the car and noticed that the same problems, as I found at the dealership, had returned: the radio, the top button is lit, the roll bar does not work. Is this typical when a battery is jumped or changed? Am I doing something wrong? I have the code for the radio but, I have no idea what to do for the top, roll bar and any other functions that might be nonfunctional. Thank you for your time.
hydraulic oil completely leaked out wild soft top was down, i manually closed the top, but the convertible button is blinking and not working. windows will no go up even with the window controler
Just bought the car and everything works except the top release.
I lose power to the gauges when I turn key in ignition(all gauges-speedometer, tach mpg,temp, and all lights except seat belt light.The odometer and outside temp are on when I open the door but go out when I turn the ignition key to the run or start positions.
driving- turn on washer,notic water coming out hood near left head light,refiled turned back on nothing, moter runing ,no sprea,and or leak.
need an illustration of the timing marks and cam counter shaft balancer
I have an SL 320 and just removed the hardtop for the Spring. When I went to put up the soft top it would only raise about 1/3 to half way up and stop. What do I need to do to troubleshoot this?
nothing happens...just need to know where to locate fuel filter on my car!
need to take off hard top switch doesnt work.
Where is the fuel filter located on the 97 sl 320. I need to replace it
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