1996 Mercedes-Benz SL320 Questions

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Wiper fluid spraying out of headlights. Then a loud screeching sound started but when headlights turned off stopped. Screeched when turned back on. Just happened so not sure how to handle.
I have been using premium clean gasoline and wonder if I should start using pure gasoline.
the rollbar is stuck in the up position is there a way to manually lower it
battery went dead I syncronized they window work the first time every thing was fine till my wife left the lights and the new battery went dead again now the windows drop just a tiny bit as you open the door. like they are supposed too but the rollbar and top I can get to work again. I did not jump start the car I put a charger on it for about an hour. any ideas how the fix it.. thanks for any suggestions
Also the radio needs a code start and the power windows used to adjust slightly when the car shut off.
I have a 1996 Mercedes Benz SL-320. I "do not" have the parking break on, but the brake instrument cluster warning light comes on and when I drive there is a beeping sound. Can I disable this noice by pulling a fuse?
I am the forth owner of this car, the second owner had a diagnosis of a blown head gasket in 2001 at a mercedes dealer,but he did not have it repaired there. the car seems to run great and there are no oil leaks,in 2001 it had 60,000 miles on it today it's 73,000. I'm guessing it was repaired by the owner or at an independent shop,but I need to know for sure since I can't locate the second owner.
Sot top Hydrolics refill
The soft top will not open. The indicator light is on all the time. The battery was replaced and the windows were re-synchronized. The roll bar will not raise either.
what is approx cost to replace
what various costs can i expect at a dealer for different component repairs within overall system?
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