1995 Mercedes-Benz SL320 Questions

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I removed the hard top of the car and later in the day I was trying to get the soft top up. The crash bar came down then nothing happened and the light just stays on. The light is on for the crash bar also. Could it be a stuck relay or something like that?
Where is the trunk wiring harness access for the oem trunk mounted cd changer?
I just replaced the hydraulic lock mechanism for soft top . Put it all back together the way it was before .
when I first start engine cold after it has sat I here a loud holling noise in top end for about one minite then it goes away.I Took belt off front of engine and it still has the noise. sounds like it is in front of valve cover ,load under car.
is there a way to release the back of the bucket seat with no electrical working is pulled the handel to release to move it forward now it suck in the forward position
Found Leaking vacuum hoses, replaced them..replaced the fuel pressure regulator
my cat will not let me drive without horn alarm on how do i shut this off
Would a fuse cause this problem? Do you think a battery reset would work?
light is out on the radio display how do I put a new bulb in
driving away from the body shop every time I used my turn signal the instrument cluster would light up with error codes.
I took the car back immediately and was told the wiring under the passenger seat was fried? Is this just a coincidence or did the body shop do something to the car? They had to remove the hardtop to install the window.

I never had an issues with the instrument cluster prior to this.
I would like to raise my top up when it is raining the hydraulic fluid has leaked out how much will it cost to fix the problem
want to install aftermarket unit after mine was stolen
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