1994 Mercedes-Benz SL320 Questions

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i turn the key to the 2nd position but nothing comes on. i tried the windows, radio, nothing. could it be my key went bad?
my soft top won't go down when I pull the button back and my right window stopped working at the same time, is there a common fuse that they have and would they be related?
The washer reservoir empties out and the reservoir heater remains on.
The motor regulator that controls the fan speeds, 1, 2, 3, 4, died.
Part may take months to get. Advice?
Is it harmful to let the AC run even thought the fan seems to be on low?
How do I replace my after market radio with a Becker radio?
i can select reverse and it engages but there is no drive
is it very hard to replace drive shaft flex joint
My car runs great when it's warm. However, as soon as it get cold (below 60 degrees) it surges when I take off and the trans shifts slowly. I had the mass air unit replaced and trottle body cleaned. Is there a trans control unit that may be bad? It appears to definately been temperature related. Thanks.
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