2009 Mercedes-Benz S600 Questions

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I have bought a Mercedes-Benz model 2009 size S600

Full specifications are 120000 km

The first problem is that lime was awagha status S sport for about a month and I walked it at high speed after a positive was converted to C and reduced sound engine, but requesta voice with the voice of the limes like Craig and, after being examined at one of the garages hydraulic front ball was replaced before power and after this tromba eased a little sound on the same day you purchase Super Titan engine oil 10000 kilometers with genuine oil filter and oil cans were 10 boxes and after swapping the engine oil with a simple random I have a nudge with the following screen ENGINE OIL LEVEL


Also, the time and the map does not work and at work is but not set to local time, and after several attempts with some local garages they told me that these cars, especially Japanese must change the player to type specifications and this costs nearly 300 dinars if any and also there is the rear air conditioner does not work and said the likelihood of the fan and the possibility of control. Please advise and thanks.
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