2003 Mercedes-Benz S600 Questions

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my ignition switch is not turning and my alarm light are flashing what the problem
car has check engine light on, owned for a week i can get over 60mph rpms like 1500 not high, owned car for a week before i start changing coil packs and plugs, modules, since i don't have a total power lost , could it be catalytic converter, flue / air,any suggestions before sending a lot of money car has 105k

Petrol (275.950 - MME 2.7.1 - MT/AT - 220.176/876)
DTC Description
P2033 - Comparison of the pressures between components (Pressure sensor upstream
of throttle valve), (Pressure sensor downstream of throttle valve) and sensor
'Ambient pressure' in control module (ME-SFI [ME] control unit)
- The ambient pressure is measured by a pressure sensor in control module
(Engine control unit)
- Intermittent
P2043 - Misfiring
- Permanent
P2044 - Misfiring cylinder 1
- Intermittent
P2046 - Misfiring cylinder 3
- Permanent
P2047 - Misfiring cylinder 6
- Intermittent
P204A - Misfiring cylinder 7
- Intermittent
P2003 - Secondary air injection, malfunction
- Intermittent
P2045 - Misfiring cylinder 5
- Intermittent
P204E - Misfiring of cylinder 9
- Permanent
P20F3 - Ignition module
- Left bank of cylinders
- Intermittent
The battery was dead. Clicking noise from the engine compartment. Jumped the car. The tire pressure display has a fault (does not display the tire air pressure).
Could it be a blown fuse. Where is the fuse for the tire pressure?
Then this morning my cars rear end was sitting on the ground?
As the vehicle hits normal bumbs on the road there's a squeeky sound that resembles an old squeeky bed spring in motion.
put in a new battery. the last two days had to get jumped in the morning. Does anyone else have this problem or know whats causing it? there have been no malfunction codes and car is without power in the morning.
left rear of vehicle lays down over night,comes up when i start the car and push suspension button,and works fine all day,no visible leaks,no trouble lights on in car,is it the pump,shock,control module,a leaking valve,ect?????
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