2003 Mercedes-Benz S55 AMG Questions

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Hard to start when cold like its lacking for fuel then its start run great.
light shut car off lifted hood and oil was every where the active body control warning came on the dash checked the holding tank was empty could find where it came from it looks like blew straight up on the under side of the hood right where the pump is
Not having any driving or pneumatic height issues
Car threw all 3 codes at the same time. Don't have a clue what it could be . I had just left dealer getting oil leak fixed. Car only has 46,000 on it. Is it going to break me to find problem?
I understand that ABC on it is a nightmare. Perhaps I should stay away from it?
I have a bit of rough idle at start up. I have placed new plugs (Bosch Iridium) car runs fine once it warms up. I have put in cleaner additive, but still rough idle at start up for about 5-mins before it seems to get better. One suggestion was fuel pump sensor???? No diag codes???
Thanks for your time!
its a 2003 it runs well. so far no problems.
opened trunk then started driving then light comes on says close boot with trunk light on and trunk does not shut all the way. doesn't automatically seal it's self.
no codes present. has 99504 miles.
When I was driving the car during the winter there were not any problems with the engine temperature gauge as I had the heat on. I replaced the thermostat three times, in case that is your answer. During the summer, when I have the A/C on then I see the engine temp gauge go from 80 to 100 at idle, then when I start driving again it takes awhile for it to go back down to near 80 degrees. I am wondering if the elctric fan is bad, although I think I hear it coming on. When I turn the heat on then the temp goes down, this made me think that it was a head gasket or cracked head however, Mercedes of Annapolis checked this and they did not see any leaks, etc. They recommended checking the fan and doing a full diagnostic. However, if I can do this myself I will. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
after my car sits for a few days the left side lowers as if there is a leak but there is nothing appearing to leak, you start it up and it rises and is fine.
the interior dashboard air conditioner lights remains lit in the off position. The air conditioner cannot be turned on .
I currently have a quote of 550 in parts to replace an idler pulley. From my research it seems that this part is at most $50. Am I missing something in this search?

As you turn on the engine it shows in the dashboard ABC visit workshop. It has 81,000 mileage and 75,000 mileage was done. What are the things should be done for ABC service as indicated as warning sign?
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