2001 Mercedes-Benz S55 AMG Questions

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Cleaned MAF and it made things 10x better, but for a fleeting moment. Symptoms returned and so did CEL. Replaced MAF and everything smoothed out, acceleration/vibration/idle- all good, for a half hour. CEL light is back on with p0100 code. Acceleration hasn't changed, still doesn't feel heavy or sluggish anymore. Rough idle and vibration sporadicly making appearances.
If I leave it off for awhile the whole car sits down. When I restart it and put it in gear it raises and runs like nothings wrong. I reset fault and ride perfect.
Nothing I do will open my trunk. I doesnt even make a sound to say its acknowledging the attemp to open.
was not crankin after leavin it over night starts cranking but wont start
the car has a commpressor button that is turned off in the car how do I get the ac to work again
the battery will not take a charge and needs replacement
Just bought a 2001 S55 AMG with 67000 miles. Very clean, been maintained at BENZ dealer all along. Only issue I see so far, which I am not sure is significant, is that the temperature gauge starts normally low in the morning and then levels off around above 80 but sometimes fluctuates between 80-100 but never reaches 100. No leaks, no noises, no overheating, not sure what the ideal temperature is. Not sure if thermostat been changed.
my abc light came on..-car is stuck on lowered position and will not move up or down..-i have changed fluid/filter flush..-right front strut stuck on high position..ran code= b411 bad right front sensor..-no leaks..-do i have to change strut or is there something else that might cause it to be like that..??-valve/pump/etc..-??-please let me know..thanks..-
car sits and driver side strut comes down the car has abc, could someone please help me.
the abc is on car too low, when you put the car in reverse left side raises. when you stop the car after 1 hour left side which is driver side abc resorvoir apears to have fluid in it and i dont see or hear any leaks . what could it be and what do i need to look at.
Does anyone know if the HYDRAULIC Suspension Valves on a 2001 S55 AMG are threaded within the Unit or if they have a seal/gasket. Really need to know....
my left front strut is working but it is lower then the rest about 2in wen the car is off the left front drops to the ground do i need a new srut or a flash or could it be a sencor
when i turned on the a/c or fan, the blower sometimes take 5,15, or sometimes 45mins. before start working... sometimes no problem.. what do you think is the problem? head control?, breaker? relay? 3/11/09 Thank you the blower motor was bad...
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