2008 Mercedes-Benz S550 Questions

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front right side is squeaking, sound system stop working
What seems to make the problem better or worse? when im driving over bumpy road
Freon level is adequate ,ambient temperature sensor and in cabin filter has been replaced,problem persists
I'm a owner of a 2008 Mercedes Benz S550 and I'm feeling a vibration in periods of two seconds then it disappears for one second and then back again at all times and it's felt through the chassi and in the seats. The dealership told me I had bad transmission and engine mounts so I changed them but problem still exist, I googled for people with the same issue and people talk about bad flex discs so I changed them too but problem still exist, I checked if the rims are bent and they're not. I've tried to locate the problem by put in neutral in highway speeds and the vibration is still there. Have anyone any clue what it could be? I have new tires too and the problem still was the same thing with old tires. I've made a road force balance with the new tires. It all happened one day when I drove into a pothole on the freeway. Does anyone know what can be wrong?
Also when i play my CD'S it will play for abot 15 second then dtop
Basically the side mirror on the right hit the garage wall and twisted back ward and although damage was minimal, however since then, I does not stay in one position and I have to set it every time I start the engine.
need some assistance.
The front an back suspension of the driver side lift a little bit and than fall again , that make the car not level , I try many time to level it but not working . What could be the problem ??? is it related to pressure hose ???

Meany tks for helping
Both used & new CD's stop within two minutes.
Drivers & passage side underneath the bumper
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