2006 Mercedes-Benz S500 Questions

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I have a Mercdes Benz S350,W221. M272 Engine with misfiring fault code on one bank.
These are:
P0304 Misfiring Damage on Cylinder 4 TWC Damage
P0305 Misfiring Damage on cylinder 5 TWC damage
P0306 misfring damage on cylinder 6 TWC Dmage.
P0300 Multiple cylinder misfire.
I have swapped / exchanged the spark plugs, the coils, the injection nozzles and the Oxygen sensors.but the problem still remains
I observed that the Spark plugs of cylinder 4,5 and 6 are black with soot and the exhaust brings out black smoke occasionally and the engine vibrates seriously.
I want to find out if the any other thing i need to do, to solve this problem
will not open or lock doors with key.
Is there a control box that control this system?
Key was left in ignition overnight
I have a 2006 Mercedes S500 doors nor trunk responding to key or door switch lock and unlock command. Head rest non responsive also. Automatic trunk assist pump in trunk has fluid but makes no sound while pressing button on key or trunks manual open button. How do I find and fix this problem?
Trunk opens normally with key fob or door switch but only stays open for 5 to 10 seconds then closes on its own. First reasonably slow/soft then quite firmly when the trunk assist engages.
locks on all doors are functional,key fob works on all doors but right rear will not open.
An error message came on, something about needing to format something.
Have imported it from another country and the comand controls the clock by GPS. So would like to adjust the clock to my time zone. I can't use the Navi.
Regular oil & Filter change
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