2004 Mercedes-Benz S500 Questions

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My dashboard shows Pre-Save Inactive See Operator Manual. How do I check this out.
The Mercedes Benz lights are turning on and off with the car off what do I do to find this problem
And the check engine light came on
windows and sunroof would open when ignition off, alarm would go off when i locked doors Now the entire ignition system locked up. Key will not turn when in ignition switch, the automatic shift lever starter will not work no locks will work???
2004 Mercedes, has been parked in my garage for (6) yrs. it has less then 40,000 miles, it says no malfunctions, I changed the battery, and it cranks, but, won't start.
The cylinder on the 2004 Mercedes-benz driver side rear strut came off. Why? after checking the paasenger side they seem to be on very secure.My understanding is that this cylinder is for the leveling.
Removing drive belt frees up all pulleys. should any pulleys rotate wouls the timing be affected?
Mechanics are getting too
when I crank it this whining sound comes from under the hood....everything else seems to be working find. Its not loosing compressing and the trans is changing as it should. Steering is find....just that noise....any idea what it may be? Thanks
1 day ago, all my commands stop working, no audio on any of the radio, cd player, navigation,none is function, says sound unavailable
Driver side sun visor gets stuck half way up. Eventually becomes inoperable and needs complete replacement.
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