2003 Mercedes-Benz S500 Questions

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The car has no other issues replaced relay 7 months ago
having noise in front end and had B maintenance done. Mercedes wants to replace sway bar and links, control arms and caster bushings. Can't afford all. which is most important?
The radiator won't hold any coolant. What could be the problem
When I turn on A/C it blows cool at my feet-but when I adjust speed-nothing blows out. It comes on-but not blowing-fan is not working-nothing coming out of vents (but it's cool-just no air coming out).
Brought a new key (automatic key/with slade key) from dealer over a year ago-trunk has not open for over a month now. Automatic key still locks and open doors for the rest of the car-the trunk is not operable-any suggestions?
Whenever I unlock car and open door mirror will open out, mirror just stopped opening out.
Replaced bulb w/2857A as in manual, cleaned contacts, No blinker on headlight housing
seem to start up now! will take for ride to recharge system
at times it shows perfectly but most times it all scrambled
I start the car, no problem, when I stop at a light or in traffic and then I step on the gas it stalls or hesitates. Then the check engine light comes on, I go to mechanic and computer show a #104, we change the air flow sensor, two days later same thing happens, go back to mechanic computer shows #104, again... HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don't know what to do.
Will not run only has ground at wire to the compressor. All new parts. checked all fuses, A/C button on dash for off/on stays lit. Why does my wire not have power.
will not exceed 40 mph and all guages shut down
I blew my cigarett lighter fuse on my 03 S500, where is it located and how do I replace it? I look in the fuse box under the hood but I didn't see it.
Thanks in advance.
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