2002 Mercedes-Benz S500 Questions

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Trunk and door locks not working
I believe the evaporator sensor made my air compressor go out but I'm loosing a lot of oil it's not leaking anything it's making a loud noise when I turn the car on
Is there something I can try to lower the car. If I pride the #2 position the car should go to normal position, and its not doing so.
Diagram of the belt
The airmatic visit workshop warning, turns up on the dash every now and then, front struts and height seems fine, but at the back the rubbers on both back struts seems to be separated ..but height still okay, when I shut of engine I hear a "pssst" sound from the compressor.. Should I change both back struts or something else is wrong because this message only pops up after a while.. Plus so many speed Ramps in my apartment ..that are so not helpfull
it was elevating but not now. need to find a shop that works on it in Wilson n.c. can u help
What could be problem. It only started after I got my struts repaired. And my key won't turn now unless I play with it for 20 minutes? Help
I was driving along and notice that my seat was getting hotter. When I looked at the door panel, I noticed that the heated seats llights were on. When I got home and turned the car off they stayed on. What do I do aout it?
I had to disconnect the battery in order to replace a front air shock. Upon completion, I started the car and Command Screen is blank!
No controls on the command screen are working. Screen is black.
i'm starting to see oil mixing in with my radiator coolant. I/m trying to figure out what are some of the causes
they replaced 2 of the air shocks and now my car wont leave down to normal. you feel every bump . ts in worse condition than prior to the air suspension being so called fixed. they told me it would drop after driving it because its just stuck. i think they are telling me a story and might of missed up something.
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