2001 Mercedes-Benz S500 Questions

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The blinkers ,seats and basically everything electrical stopped working
I just purchased this car and would like to know. And when I try to play a CD it says "no CD cartridge or magazine(either or)" and will not play how can I fix that as well?
What could be the problem? And can a girl hey some detailed info on how to fix this? Step by step would be great. Lol
Where is the speaker fuse located in a Mercedes 500 series
The tracking is fine until the car is running, Then the tracking goes out at the rear. The shop guys say it is a air suspension problem but I have no problems with the suspension. They say it can be reset but I don't understand how this causes the tracking problem.
When I push the brakes my brakes lights come on for about ten seconds and then they alternate from my left to my right to my middle brake light. My dash reads esp abs and bas as well as brake light left brake light rite middle brake light check lamps. When I had the codes checked it was c0450 which was a fuel take pressure issue. What could this be and why is it doing this?
Well I jumped car off due to dead battery. Now the tag lights will not go off unless I disconnect the battery. Please don't..
This happened with no warning while driving. the car has no power steering. Anyone have an idea whats upo\?
while starting my s320 2001 Mercedes, while inserting key there is a message chip is not recognized and car doesn't start on 3 attempts.
there is also a message EPS display not working.
what does this mean?
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