2000 Mercedes-Benz S500 Questions

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all not working. flood care 2000 s500
I have switch the brake light switch and still have this issue, I have also unplugged the brake light switch component and brake lights are still on. Also the s500 is not to start on the first press of the push start but it does. It seems the system thinks the brake is being pressed.
How long have you had this problem? months

What seems to make the problem better or worse? Just happened. Can I still drive the car? Can I reset something to make it go away?
had initial problem with ac blowing hot air, compressor would not engage. fan was working car did not overheat, no other problems. replaced, ac to condenser hose, compressor, drier water pump and condenser fan assembly. got evac and recharge.
car still blows hot air, compressor does not engage, fan does not work, car overheats. what are possible causes?
Compressor won't take freon the EC light is
I changed compressor and low pressure switch
car wont start and key fob wont come out and stuck in park car has been sitting for 2 years started it about 2 days ago drove it for 3 weeks until now it wont start at all or even turn over no lights nothing had to get battery charged and my fobkey wont come out help please
transmission slips and has erratic shifts thinking about changing it
Everything comes on but no sound
my engine fan want cut on, No power at fan
Fuess are good! Switch relay around
Still inop..
Also a/c is not working

Is something wrong in the Left front sam?
Break lining rusted at me doing 80 near Disney world. How can this car has this problem that only old junkers do for sitting for yrs
it tells me do not atempt to drive
It happens every time, after some few hours when i want to start the car, i will realize the battery is flat. Please what do i do ?
Every thing worked fine when I parked it
Left headlight is not working
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