1999 Mercedes-Benz S500 Questions

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My 1999 S500 shuts off intermittently. OTC Encore has no codes showing up. Replaced Cam and crank sensors. replaced fuel regulator. I am suspecting a voltage problem. My 2000 is doing the same thing.
Should I just force it out ? Or take it to a mechanic ?
the car is running fine except for the check engine light being on. Can i continue to drive it?
My 1999 Mercedes s500 noisy fuel pump was replaced but the new one is making the same loud wining noise when it gets hot, they also replaced the fuel filter as well. It's it the type of manufactor pump being used or is there another part somewhere in there that kills the noise? What helps to clean up maybe carbon build up? My macahic poured some engine cleaner some kind of solvent cleaner and told me to drive it over the weekend, then I went in for a oil change. But still have the ticking noise. It's not as loud and it comes and go now. Meinly at cool start it's fine but as I drive around town it comes. If I take it out on the open highway and open her up it sometimes go away. Ugh frustrated.....
I have to manually push down and up on all the doors to lock and open, the driver door I have to use the key to open and look. The doors do slowly close with that close assist feature but the trunk has to be slam shut. Fuses are all ok. I can hear the closing assist pump make a little Hiss sound when the doors close the rest of the way in by them selves. Also if I close a door and sit in the car real faint I can hear the motor to the PSE pump come on. The remote just tunes the antitheft system on and off. Can someone please help me out here I would really appreciate it thanks...
the noise is coming from the passenger side underneath more so towards the rear tire. Its very loud and it sounds like a annoying jet sound and it stays on all the time. Actually it's a very Embarrasing sound when stop idling.
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