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Power door locks and trunk lid do not close with key or button on dash
My rpms when I start my car in the morning are at 15 -17 , then when I put it in reverse and back to park it idles normally again ? An issue that can cause a further more severe problem ?
My ac when turned off will still blow out the side vents, then when I close the side vents my defroster blowers start running ? I'm not sure if this can damage my car in the future . And ... When I turn my car off the ac will continue to blow for another 10-15 seconds . does anyone have an answer , I have high hopes for this vehicle and I want it to be perfect !
The car runs superbly right until the moment-usually at a traffic light, that the engine very unceremoniously and without shudder or miss, dies. The car starts right back up as if nothing happened, but it is becoming more and more frequent. Replaced the main engine wiring harness, electronic throttle body, ignition coils, spark plugs, crankshaft position sensor, alternator and voltage regulator,and nothing seems to help. The dealership has no suggestions other than replacing the Engine control module and base module. Any suggestions? The car is FULL of new parts including the entire ride control system and many major engine components and I don't have the heart to scrap it-she and I have been through a lot together. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks in advance!
the heat doesn't work at all all the passenger windows wont roll down or up and when I turn the car on or off the lights blink as if the alarm is going off but no noise what could it be and how do I fix it im trying to do it myself to put the cost down
Engine light just went on ? Engine runs a little rough - but once warmed up - she runs fine ?? Engine light is on when car is running ????
The car has 85k miles and the suspension fluid level is a little low, the fluid looks clean but i wonder if it is good idea to change the filter and fluid. Were is the filter located?
Thank you
A few months ago everything worked and I never had any problems with A/C. But after not using the car for a couple of months, A/C stopped working. It blows the room temp air. I tried to see if hot air still blowing, it is. After switching to A/C i can hear how system changes and it sounds different as before. But not cold air is coming. First thought was that it leaks and need to refilled the system. but tester showed that pressure in the system around 100pci. what can it be? thank you.
on start up car has no power ran fine before problem started after been parked for couple of weeks
vacuum pump that located in the trunk works only a few times after I disconnected a connector and connected it again. All doors and trunk losses vacuum one after another. I though that vacuum pump creates the problem therefore I replaced it with a new one. But the problem is still occurs. Thank you.
Please help me find the location of the cabin filter and how to replace it
Thank you

I am trying to save $$ by doing some of the repairs myself to my 1998 S500 Mercedes.
I have been uable to get the pads out so they can be replaced.
trunk will not close tight, motor does not seem to be pulling it snug
i brought this car in 2008 with 85,000 miles im the only one thatdrives this car, it sits during the winter months n garage. i have 109,000 miles on it now, at about 107,000 i started the car and it started to stumble and cut off, i restarted it and the check enginre light came on and begain to idle rough & RPM kept bouncing up & down I have not had nothing done to this baby since i bought her except brakes, it still runs rough & when I get off the gas the engine RPM bounces from o to idle or little more. I was told by a good benz guy here that a complete tune up is the first step since i never done nothing to it, at a price of 650.00 and this MIGHT take care of this, I put a list together. sp.plug. fu. filter,temp. sen,fuel injec.sen,oil presure sen,power steer.filter,temp. gauge sen,air filter,&oil change. i can do all this myself 4 under 300.00 plus have money left in case of bad coil or oxegen sensors. the code i think was at one check it was oxygen sensor, another check was mass air flow sen. another check temp sen. at one time when i drove the car 4 2hrs and the eng. temp reading was on o the whole time, after leaving the car and returning much later it was working, I had the light reset but it evenualy comes back on, please help this car is in near mint condition e-mail or call. 419-265-0289 hosey... Thanks
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