1997 Mercedes-Benz S500 Questions

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It also necks you and flutters out while you driving
the metal part that connects the battery to the car came off
I don't see my engine set up on you tube. I see that they are located under the covers on the engine,but they don't just pull out. They are held in place by some sort of bracket. I tried to remove screw but I striped the screw.
My mercedes s500 fuel injectors are not working simultaneously. one by one the work manually and got power. the computer as been check and is fine.
what could be the problem?
replacing tourqe converter got to this part of the job cant go any further when I try fluild spills out
They list several type that will fix, but need to know the correct ones for my car.
what is the part number for the starter motor in a mercedes benz s500 1997
I have 188,000 miles on the vehicle.
what it can be the cause this
crank positioning sensor
How to install, specifically?
I currently have a leak on my hose, but I cant replace it yet, I'm sure my shocks are gone too. The car has 300,000 miles , but I just had the motor redone.
No Engine Codes, no vacuum leaks, changed spark plugs twice (first autolite plat, than mercedes genuine plugs). cleaned Maf sensor, verified that MAP sensor working.
OBD reader shows: Short term fuel trim reads 25, long term 0, MAP 9g, no missfires, throttle position sensor shows to be working
I'm at a loss for Ideas, PLEASE HELP..
how do you fix an oil filter leak
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