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i replaced altonator and battery for my 1994 Mercedes s500 replaced altonator with more powerful one. Now my altonator is draining my battery power causing my battery power to drain very slow not sure if im getting a good current between altonator and battery. i was told i needed a new wire harness is that true?
Looking at buying this car that has been sitting fit six years. Owner says that it needed replaced when he lady drive it because it would run rough especially in colder temps. I'd it a big deal to replace one? Expensive? Also ball joints need replacing. What other problems should I look for after it's been sitting fit so long? Thank you.
I'm thinking ecm issue I had checked cap rotors ok but not sure if wire to coil is coming from ecm or if it's a cam position issue but one side is running ? Could really use your help. But I got power to coil but voltage on good coil is 14 on one wire and 8 on the other and the other coil wires I'm getting 13 and 1.35 on the other wire . Thanks for your time
Ochoa mobile
Problem began after a leaky transmission seal was replaced.. Tech admitted that a vacuum line was
Detached but replaced without apparent damage
Happens mainly when moving in reverse, slightly going forward. Creeping along. Get's louder on rt turns. No codes.
Whilst taking off from traffic lights.There was a hesitation in the gear change It was recently serviced .New oil new filter .The type of flare up only lasted seconds between 1st and second gears .Can u help
Appling gas, i heard a knocking sound on the bottle of the engine. the engine doesn't use additional oil and the oil use is synthetic...Some people question crankshaft position sensor or oil tubes..
My car ran hot back in October so I replace the thermostat,water pump and radiator. Now the car dose not get hot but I get no heat. My key fob worked and once i replaced the batteries the fob works but my door locks won't. But the heater thing is driving me crazy are there other fuse boxes other then thee truck and under the hood that i may need to check?
Suddenly i noticed that my rear suspension rised noticibly.I am not sure if it was due to an electronic problem that i already solve.The rear suspencion is very jumpy at higher rate of speed, and both rear suspension look extreemly high.
How do you get the back bolts off power steering pump for removal?
fan belt pop i tow vehicle in reverse now wont select revese
New battery placed in car, after the odometer doesn't work, that is gauges (oil, fuel, RPM, speed). All other function of the instrument cluster works.Is there a fuse or relay that controls all these functions? i thank when i replaced the battery that could have trip something. 54,000 original miles on this 1994 S500 coupe.
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